Hunting Fees 2019


Day fees: 

Hunter: R650.00

Non-hunter: R550.00

Hunting vehicle: R500 per day (or part thereof)


All prices are inclusive of Value Added Tax:

Impala trophy >23” * R2,350.00 Eland bull trophy >30” * R21,500.00
Impala ram <23″ R1,950.00 Eland bull <30” R16,500.00
Impala ewe R1,500.00 Eland cow R9,000.00
Blue Wildebeest (gnu) bull trophy >26″ * R8,000.00 Steenbok R4,500.00
Blue Wildebeest (gnu) <26″ R5,000.00 Grey Duiker R4,500.00
Blue Wildebeest (gnu) cow R4,000.00 Bushpig R2,500.00
Kudu bull trophy >50″ * R20,000.00 Burchell’s Zebra Male R7,500.00
Kudu bull <50″ R11,000.00 Burchell’s Zebra Female R7,500.00
Kudu cow R5,500.00 Waterbuck bull trophy >24″ * R14,000.00
Warthog R1,400.00 Waterbuck bull <24″ R6,500.00
Nyala bull R20,000.00 Waterbuck bull <18″ R2,750.00
Gemsbuck bull R8,000.00 Waterbuck cow R3,500.00
Gemsbuck cow R8,000.00 Red Hartebeest bull R7,500.00
Red Hartebeest cow R6,500.00
No Giraffe or Nyala ewes will be hunted this year.
* Trophy as defined by Mooipan